The Pros and Cons of Buying Used Cisco Equipment

If you’re part of a business with robust technological infrastructure, you know just how much your networking products and services matter to your organization. And as technology demands rise (while IT budgets shrink), you’ll likely find yourself needing to purchase equipment. 

If you’re in the market for Cisco equipment, you’ll see you generally have two options: new or used. What are the pros and cons of both, and why would you want to consider buying used Cisco equipment?

In this post, we will break down exactly what it means to buy used Cisco equipment and share a tactical list of pros and cons so you can make the best choices when buying equipment.

When does used Cisco equipment make sense?

When buying equipment for your organization, your mind might initially consider new equipment, which makes sense. When researching purchases, the first thing you’ll probably do is go to a website that sells new equipment. 

But did you know that buying used Cisco equipment is not only an option but a potentially beneficial one? There are many scenarios where buying used Cisco equipment makes more sense than purchasing brand-new equipment.

While we’ll dive into the pros and cons of buying used equipment shortly, some of the most common scenarios where it makes sense is if you need legacy hardware or current products at a more affordable price point. Buying used equipment might also make sense, depending on your business goals and needs. For example, certain new products might be in short supply and could, therefore, take more time to deliver.

Buying used Cisco equipment also makes more sense, depending on your chosen retailer. If you’re buying from an unknown retailer, there can be some potential downsides (which we’ll discuss). But buying used can be advantageous if you choose a trusted, reputable retailer of refurbished products with certain protocols (such as warranty options). 

Pros of buying used Cisco equipment

Interested in the benefits of buying new vs. refurbished equipment? Here are some of the main pros.

Cost Efficiency

Firstly, used Cisco equipment is usually much more cost effective for businesses than new equipment, particularly when purchased at the scale and speed enterprise organizations require. No matter the state of your organization’s IT budget, funds are always in limited supply, and optimizing spending is essential for a profitable business. 

For example, our refurbished equipment can save customers up to 70% off manufacturer list prices, which can mean an additional 30% savings on hardware purchases. Research shows that businesses are already spending more and more each year on IT, with companies worldwide spending trillions on IT every year. 

Availability and Speed of Deployment

When your business needs new equipment, you might prefer to use legacy models that fit with your infrastructure and are no longer sold by the manufacturer. But when buying refurbished, you can access older legacy models that might meet specific requirements and be compatible with your current systems. 

Plus, when it comes to buying used Cisco equipment, it’s often readily available and can ship at the same speed as new products or even more quickly. That’s because the used equipment is already in stock, tested, and ready to plug and play.

Longevity and Reliability

When it comes to top-quality used Cisco equipment, you can get excellent longevity and reliability out of these products. Of course, this all depends on what type of used product you purchase. 

For example, if you buy a refurbished piece of equipment with an excellent rating (such as Grade A), you know the functionality and appearance will be like-new. Additionally, if you buy from a reliable retailer, you’ll get a better warranty and top-tier support options to ensure you get the most out of your product. 

Environmentally Friendly

Buying used equipment is a greener solution than constantly buying new equipment. Not only can this be a better solution for the environment, but it can also help organizations further their environmental commitments and green initiatives. More and more people are starting to turn to recycled electronics, with studies showing the electronics recycling market is forecasted to balloon to more than $110 billion by the year 2030. 

Availability of Spare Parts

When it comes to buying used Cisco equipment, you may have access to a wide range of spare parts for older and discontinued models. It can also be more cost-effective if repairs and maintenance do become necessary.

Reliable Performance for Specific Use Cases

If there are certain models or products you want, and you understand how they perform and how compatible they are with your business, this can lead to positive outcomes. Instead of transitioning to different hardware and equipment, you can stick with Cisco equipment you know and love and know will perform as expected.

Negotiation Leverage 

When buying used Cisco equipment, you have more power to negotiate as a buyer and internally with your team. You’ll likely have some leeway to work out a cost-effective deal, especially if you purchase many products. 

Typically, when buying new products, the sticker price remains as-is. Plus, with that flexibility in your budget, you can find targeted uses for any additional savings and put those funds to good use in your organization. 

Cons of buying used Cisco equipment

If you’re interested in buying used Cisco equipment, there are some potential downsides to be aware of. Here are some of the most common cons (and how to mitigate or avoid them altogether). 

Limited Warranty

Used Cisco equipment might have limited or no warranty coverage from the manufacturer. That’s because the warranty for these devices might have expired or no longer be applicable. 

This can present challenges in the event of equipment failure or malfunctions. However, if you buy your equipment from a third-party retailer offering warranties and other support forms, this is no longer an issue. 

End-of-Life (EOL) or End-of-Support (EOS) Issues

When a product is no longer produced or sold, it’s considered end-of-life or end-of-support. There are a few issues that can occur when this is the case. 

For example, the manufacturer might no longer issue updates or patches for them, and the developer no longer maintains them. If you’re buying used equipment and your reseller offers support, this can help you manage any EOL or EOS issues that pop up. 

Unknown Maintenance History

Not knowing the equipment’s maintenance history can be daunting because you might feel as though you’re not fully aware of its condition. While this can be true, these risks can be managed if you’re using a reputable reseller. 

That’s because they’re responsible for testing all equipment and ensuring its functionality is not compromised. When this happens, an unknown maintenance history shouldn’t present you with any obstacles. 

Risk of Counterfeit or Unauthorized Modifications

When you’re buying used equipment, there’s a risk of receiving counterfeit equipment or equipment with unauthorized modifications. Again, one of the best ways of eliminating this risk is by purchasing from a reliable retailer. When you trust where you’re buying from, you don’t need to worry about receiving a product different from what you expect. 

Compatibility Concerns

It’s important to ensure any used equipment you’re purchasing is compatible with your current systems and infrastructure. If you’re buying another legacy piece to fit with your current systems, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, in other cases, it’s important first to ensure the used equipment you’re buying will be compatible with the tech infrastructure you have in place. 

Security Risks

All equipment can carry security risks, and used Cisco equipment is no different. In order to ensure your used equipment is resistant to vulnerabilities, always run the latest updates and patches and stay abreast of any security news related to your products. Also, be sure to talk with your third-party retailer about any security concerns so they can help you address any relevant next steps. 

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