How to Tell if Cisco Refurbished Routers Are Any Good to Use

For enterprise companies with robust IT infrastructure, keeping up with the pace of technology can be taxing on resources. Whether expanding, updating equipment, or replacing old technology, network hardware can lead to a debilitating cost for organizations—when it’s new. 

But did you know there’s another option that is just as reliable as new equipment and can help you save money on routers? The answer is refurbished equipment

If you’re a Cisco customer (or diving into Cisco’s options), you might have seen third-party companies offering Cisco refurbished routers. But are refurbished routers any good, and will they work just as well as a brand new router?

In this post, we’ll dive into the differences (and similarities) between new and refurbished Cisco routers, why you might want to choose refurbished, and how to tell which refurbished routers will give you the exact results you’re looking for in your organization. 

Understanding refurbished Cisco routers

Are refurbished routers any good? In order to answer that question, it’s important to first understand exactly what the phrase “refurbished router” means. A refurbished Cisco router is renovated, repaired, or made to look new again. 

In the technology space, the term “refurbished” typically means a device that was previously owned or used (it might have been used as a floor model, for example). These models have also undergone extensive work and testing to look and perform the same as new. 

It’s important to note that refurbished equipment is not the same as “used” equipment. Sellers specializing in refurbished Cisco routers at scale are distributing high-quality models with perfect functionality, which cost less than a new model. 

Most importantly, these models have also undergone rigorous testing, so their performance will meet your needs. Meanwhile, “used” equipment is a broad category of previously owned and/or used equipment that might arrive in a less-than-perfect condition or functionality.

Benefits of buying refurbished Cisco routers

Refurbished Cisco routers are often overlooked as a viable, reliable option for organizations. Still, the truth is that they can actually be extremely beneficial and perform just as well as new models. 

If you’re considering refurbished equipment, some benefits can include the following. 

Cost Efficiency

First and foremost, refurbished Cisco routers are more cost-efficient than new ones. This is especially true when purchased at the scale and pace enterprises and other large organizations require. 

For example, our refurbished equipment can save you up to 70% off manufacturer list prices. For most companies, that can mean an additional 30% savings on hardware purchases. 

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

Refurbished Cisco routers can be more sustainable and eco-friendly than buying new equipment. More than 50 million metric tons of electronic waste is generated globally every year, and this amount is increasing, with a projected 74 million metric tons of electronic waste expected to be produced in the year 2030. 

Research shows that many businesses have already started using more sustainable materials and are working to increase their energy efficiency, and using refurbished routers is another logical step in this direction. Instead of contributing to further electronic waste by only buying brand-new products, organizations can use refurbished Cisco routers. 

Availability and Variety

This might be surprising, but when you choose refurbished Cisco routers, you might have greater availability and variety than with new routers alone. That’s because new models can be impacted by supply chain issues (such as delays and long lead times). 

Plus, manufacturers will only stock the latest models, often discontinuing legacy models and other in-demand equipment. When you purchase refurbished, it’s often possible to buy older models the manufacturer discontinued. 

Performance of refurbished routers

Sure, they might look great, but what is the performance of refurbished Cisco routers like? The good news is that the performance should be exceptional when you buy refurbished routers from a reputable third-party vendor. 

Comparing the Performance of Refurbished and New Routers

Refurbished Cisco routers don’t only look like new; they act like it, especially when you select a trusted third-party vendor. Keep in mind that new technology is batch-tested, which means that not every single product is fully tested prior to being shipped to a customer, increasing the chances that a faulty model arrives. 

Here at Network Craze, our refurbished hardware is tested and retested before shipping, ensuring our hardware is ready to use upon arrival. 

Considering Speed and Reliability

If you buy from a reputable third-party vendor, the speed and reliability of the model of the refurbished model you select should be the same as if the model was new. The only consideration here is that if you buy an older model, which might benefit your organization (such as working with the technological infrastructure you already have), it might have less modern abilities than a more recent model. This, however, is not related to the refurbishment. 

Factors to consider when purchasing a refurbished router

Not all refurbished routers are created equal, and there’s a big difference between refurbished and “used.” In order to ensure you end up with a Cisco router that is like new and works the way you expect it to, here are some factors to keep in mind. 

Understanding Grades of Refurbished Equipment

Refurbished equipment actually follows a grading system, which can help you understand the state of the router you purchase—refurbishment grading works in a system of A, B, and C. 

Grade A is top quality and the best version of refurbishment you could receive, looking and acting like new. Cosmetically, the equipment should be excellent (there might be some minor scuffing), and there could be very light signs of use. 

At Network Craze, we only offer grade-A refurbished equipment, which means you can expect equipment that works like new and with no cosmetic damage. With that, our goal is to provide you with top-quality products that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Warranty and Return Policy

Not all third-party retailers have warranty and return policies for refurbished equipment, making some decision-makers nervous in organizations. But instead of taking a chance on refurbished equipment, you can simply go with a third-party vendor that offers warranties and other benefits, such as maintenance and installation. 

For example, here at Network Craze, we have a lifetime warranty and an easy replacement system to ensure you get a premium experience when it comes to customer care. 

Where to Purchase to Ensure Quality

As you can see, where you purchase can make a huge difference when it comes to refurbished Cisco routers. To ensure you receive equipment in excellent shape and has perfect functionality and to ensure there are warranty and maintenance options, choose a trusted vendor specializing in refurbished routers. 

Potential drawbacks of refurbished routers

Are there any potential downsides to refurbished routers? If you purchase from unreliable or unverified sources, you may end up with equipment in worse condition than you thought or with functional deficiencies. 

It’s also possible that you’ll fall victim to scams or receive counterfeit products. In order to avoid these risks, stick to reputable platforms with buyer protection measures, ensuring a safer and more trustworthy transaction.

Additionally, refurbished routers are likely no longer within their original manufacturer’s warranty. This can be a drawback because purchasing a product without warranty coverage may lead to higher repair costs and other potential financial setbacks. However, all reliable third-party vendors should provide additional warranty and repair options, which eliminates this risk.

Lastly, some distributors might lack robust customer support. When choosing a vendor, consider the level and accessibility of customer support services and opt for a vendor that prioritizes customer satisfaction. 

Your Source for Refurbished Cisco Routers

How do we know so much about refurbished Cisco routers and whether refurbished routers are good? We’re Network Craze, an independent reseller of Cisco and other products specializing in over-the-top customer support. 

Whether you need legacy hardware or current products, our refurbished Cisco routers can offer you the solution you need at a budget that works for you. If you’re looking to make the most of your budget, you can even trade in your old network equipment

Interested in finding out more? Contact us today to get started. 

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