The purchasing process is over, and you’re the proud owner of a new or refurbished chassis. You’re ready to get it up and running in your facility.

There’s only one problem: You and your team haven’t the slightest idea how to install or configure the device, and the process is not one you want to risk messing up.

Fortunately, Network Craze’s team of experienced IT professionals has you covered. Network Craze won’t just sell you network equipment but will also travel to your facility, and install and configure it for you.

Expert guidance

The Network Craze team is comprised of dedicated professionals who have the experience and knowledge to offer sound advice and produce optimal results, ensuring that your products will be good to go in no time.  Form expert CCIE advice to onsite services, we have you covered!

A great inventory to choose from

Part of what makes Network Craze great is that you’ll have a wide selection of new and refurbished devices from which to choose. At Network Craze, you’ll gain access to a much more diverse catalogue than most manufactures offer. Network Craze can provide everything from switches to cables.

Use the opportunity to get rid of your unwanted IT equipment

Besides setting up your new equipment, Network Craze can also rid you of your unwanted or outdated infrastructure pieces. Network Craze offers cash, credit, or even trade-in value for your old gear.

Want to learn more about Network Craze’s helpful installation and configuration process? Click here to contact us today.

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