Plenty of organizations, both large and small, suffer from poor connectivity. Even President Obama recently admitted that the White House, of all places, has terrible Wi-Fi.

While there are a few different factors that can be affecting the quality of your Wi-Fi, like interference or broken network devices, improving your wireless connectivity may be as simple as adding new wireless access points throughout your business. Wireless access points can improve interconnectivity and boost the strength of your signal, thus providing faster and more-efficient service to all employees.

Network Craze specializes in providing both new and refurbished wireless access points. Whether you’re looking to make your first wireless access point installation or you want to upgrade or bolster your existing ones, Network Craze will work with you to help determine the best options for your business.

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The Network Craze Advantage:

At Network Craze, we’re as crazy (I mean, as passionate!) about your network as you are. We understand that only you know what’s best for your network, your budget and your business. With that in mind, we deliver quality products that your network, your budget and your business need, not the latest and greatest products that the manufacturers feel you need. By doing so, we allow you to extend the life of your current IT hardware, while at the same time, helping you stretch your budgets, receive fast delivery, benefit from a Lifetime Warranty in most new and pre-owned products and have access to expert sales and support teams. By offering all the top manufacturers in the industry, we are a one-stop shop for all of your data and voice technology, cabling and storage needs.

80% of my complaint tickets to the IT helpdesk were about the lack of wireless connectivity.  I called Network Craze and they were about to do an assessment, develop and implement the plan. This has saved my staff so much time and allows them to focus on other more important tasks.

-Top 25  University in the North East

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