Common Questions Customers Ask About Buying Refurbished Network Equipment

If this is your first time approaching a refurbished technology provider, then chances are likely you’ll have plenty of questions about the buying process, especially if you’re used to buying new parts from traditional vendors.

Keep in mind, however, that working with a refurbished technology provider is no different than buying a used car, or home. It’s a way of getting a great deal on premium IT solutions that just happen to have been owned by someone else first.

Here are some common questions that customers typically ask about buying refurbished network equipment:

Is refurbished technology safe? Refurbished technology equipment is actually oftentimes safer than new equipment, as it’s put through a rigorous inspection process before it’s put back onto the market. You can rest assured knowing that each product is restored to a like-new state. 

Where do refurbished  technology solutions come from? Refurbished technology vendors typically buy their equipment directly from other businesses. Keep in mind that some products are only used for a very short amount of time before they are resold to refurbished technology vendors. One company’s trash is almost always another company’s treasure.

Why do customers sell their IT products to third party providers? Companies can sell IT products for a variety of reasons. Companies may sell when they upgrade to new solutions, scale down their IT infrastructure, go out of business or outsource their IT departments.

Do refurbished solutions ever contain old data? Many customers fear obtaining devices which could contain harmful files, or malware, from previous companies. Rest assured, however, that devices are thoroughly “wiped” clean of all information before they reach the market. Your equipment will contain brand new firmware, and all traces of its previous owner will be permanently erased.

Do they come with maintenance or warranties? Refurbished technology solutions typically come with lifetime warranties, and maintenance plans that are more flexible and affordable than the ones that leading IT vendors will offer. Their maintenance plans often extend far beyond end of life dates, too.

How can investing in refurbished infrastructure make my company greener? Going through a refurbished technology vendor is like buying a recycled product. Instead of feeding into an aggressive manufacturing agenda, and supporting an unsustainable practice, you can extend the life of perfectly good network infrastructure that has already been created. And you can prevent these items from winding up in landfills, too!

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