What Does a Refurbished Product Mean and Are You Getting the Best Deal?

As a business owner, you probably love a great deal on electronics and gadgets, right? Then you might want to check out refurbished products. Sure, you might wonder, “What is a refurbished product?” but don’t worry, they’re not just discarded pieces of defunct metal. 

These products are repaired, cleaned, and restored to their original condition before being sold at a lower price. You might think these items are all used up, but in reality, refurbished products have been thoroughly tested and verified to meet the manufacturer’s quality standards. 

Nowadays, buying refurbished products is becoming increasingly popular among consumers as it offers an affordable way to own high-quality electronics. Plus, choosing refurbished items is an environmentally friendly way to recycle products that would otherwise end up in landfills (which we’ll touch on more later). That said, let’s explore the world of refurbished products, including what they are, their benefits, and how to choose the best ones. 

What does refurbished mean? 

When you purchase a refurbished product, you are buying an item that was previously used, returned to the manufacturer or a vendor, and restored to a like-new condition. Because the product isn’t brand new, you can save your company some cash—all while reaping the benefits of a restored product in virtually impeccable condition. 

There’s a common misconception that refurbished is another word for used and that the two can be used interchangeably. This is not the case. 

A used item is often sold by its previous owner and hasn’t had any work done by the manufacturer to restore its function. Therefore, it can have cosmetic damage, function less-than-optimally, or be flat-out broken. When you purchase refurbished, you don’t have to worry about this.

Of course, used and refurbished products have one thing in common: they had a previous owner. This varies from new products, which arrive directly from the factory without being touched by another consumer. (If you want to learn more about new vs refurbished equipment, we explain more here.) 

You may be wondering: why would a company offer a refurbished device? There are plenty of reasons, one of which is because it can offer the buyer a significant discount for a product that has been restored to excellent, like new condition. There are plenty of different reasons customers return products, including for product upgrades, because they prefer a different model, or because of cosmetic damage. 

Regardless of why the product was returned, companies offer refurbished options because the product has been restored to function seamlessly. Not to mention, it’s less of a gamble than buying used because you know exactly what you’re getting. And that’s precisely why refurbished products are so appealing. 

What are the pros of buying refurbished over new or used?

So, what are the pros of buying a refurbished device over a used, or even new, one? We’re glad you asked because there are many reasons to purchase a refurbished product over a used or brand-new device. Once we walk you through all the perks of choosing refurbished models over the newer model, we’re confident you’ll see why there’s no need to splurge. 

Ready to learn why buying the new model isn’t necessary? Here’s why buying refurbished over new—or used—is advisable.   

Cost Savings Compared to New Products

According to Business Insider, buying a refurbished product can cost up to 50% less than a new item. If your company is interested in saving money while getting an excellent quality product, refurbished is the way to go. Ultimately, lower prices mean your organization can purchase more products for less, which is a highly appealing reason.

Environmental Benefits (Reducing E-Waste) 

It’s no secret that our planet is in big trouble because of the amount of waste being produced. Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is partially to blame. Your organization can do its part in reducing its environmental footprint by purchasing refurbished. 

Think of it this way: purchasing a refurbished item is like buying a recycled one. When you buy refurbished, you’re keeping used products out of landfills, all while saving your brand money. It’s a win-win for your wallet and the planet. 

Quality Assurance and Warranty Options  

Did you know that when you purchase a refurbished product, that often includes warranty coverage? It’s true—and it’s a major reason companies opt to go the refurbished route instead of used. With warranty coverage, you’ll have invaluable peace of mind. 

The Value of Certified Refurbished Products 

If you want to ensure your refurbished products have been restored to your standards, keep an eye out for certifications. When you see a certification, you can rest assured that the product is up to the manufacturer’s quality. 

To earn this, the product typically must complete rigorous testing. Once it passes these quality assurance tests, the product can be put up for sale. This also provides peace of mind to the consumer about the product’s quality. 

Tips for getting the best deal 

If you’re convinced refurbished is the way to go, we don’t blame you! There are plenty of reasons to purchase refurbished goods, and the deals you’ll score are just one of them. That said, you may be unsure how to get the best refurbished deals. We’re here to help you figure out how to get your products refurbished for less. 

Plus, here’s some great news: refurbished gear tends to be very reasonably priced, so chances are you’ll be impressed with the cost of your refurbished product off the bat. That being said, here are our foolproof tips for getting a refurbished device for less. 

Understand Who Did the Refurbishing and Their Process 

First, you should clearly understand who did the refurbishing—and the process used to do so. Did the refurbisher complete the restoration and conduct a thorough inspection of the item’s functionality? Did it complete rigorous testing before earning a certification? 

Reputable sellers are more than happy to supply answers to these questions. If they cannot confidently share their process for restoring refurbished gear, they’re not the seller for you. Or, if the product wasn’t tested to ensure it is up to performance standards before being put on the market, we’d advise you to skip it and look for a different seller. 

Research the Seller and Product

That brings us to our next piece of advice: before buying refurbished gear, complete thorough research on both the potential seller and the product. That means taking a look at other previous purchasers’ reviews. Do you notice many people commenting on how incredible the warranty is? Are a lot of reviewers mentioning that the product holds up well, even a year later? Or are reviewers advising that you should take your business elsewhere?

We highly suggest you consider these reviews carefully before buying a product or using a seller. Of course, one or two negative reviews don’t necessarily mean something’s amiss—but if you see a trend, steer clear. 

Check for Manufacturer-Certified Refurbished Items

Another way to get a great refurbished deal? By seeking out manufacturer-certified refurbished items. 

When you see this certificate, you can rest assured the item you’re buying was restored directly from the source: its manufacturer. This is a great way to guarantee you buy products up to the manufacturer’s standards. 

However, that’s not to say that third-party retailers can’t refurbish a product just as well as a manufacturer can. It’s simply a matter of preference if you prefer to work with the manufacturer or purchase from a third-party vendor. Keep in mind that if you get the refurbished product from its original manufacturer, it will likely be more expensive. 

Understand Warranty and Return Policies

Simply put, if you can purchase an item with a lifetime warranty, it’s a great idea. If the product breaks, the manufacturer will replace or repair any defective portions at no cost. (Outstanding customer service, if you ask us!) 

However, not every retailer offers lifetime warranties—so it’s important to be familiar with a limited warranty. A limited warranty is less all-encompassing. 

If you buy an item with a limited warranty, you may only be able to get your item repaired for a certain period of time. (Sometimes, there will be a two- or five-year warranty or a different specific duration.) Alternatively, the limited warranty may just include the parts required to fix your item, not the labor. 

Lastly, also consider the return policy. If you haven’t used a product before, opting for a retailer offering a 30-day money-back guarantee is a good idea. 

Consider Customer Reviews and Ratings

Next, don’t neglect to consider customer reviews and ratings to determine the product quality. You can comprehensively understand the seller’s reputation by reading reviews, so don’t forget to take a look. Are there a lot of repeat buyers in the comments singing their graces? Or is it mainly disgruntled new customers? Use this information to inform your decision. 

Comparing Refurbished and New Prices

Typically, there’s a significant price disparity between refurbished and new products. However, the reality is that new products aren’t any more functional than refurbished ones, as refurbished items are held to high standards to be resold. Therefore, when comparing prices, be sure to keep in mind that functionality is essentially the same. 

Are refurbished products a good choice for you?

If you give refurbished gear a go, we’re confident you’ll find that it works just as well as a new product without the marked-up price tag. The major pros of buying refurbished include reducing your environmental impact and getting a great deal on your gear. The potential con is that you can buy it from the wrong seller if you don’t do your research. 

When you buy refurbished products, you make the right decision for the environment and your wallet. Give it a go and see how it works seamlessly for you. 

How Network Craze Can Help 

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