How to deal with a Tight IT Budget in 2020

The impact of COVID-19 is affecting businesses around the globe. Employees are working from home and IT departments have to provide them with the technology to do so, all while dealing with budget cuts themselves.

We feel your pain, as budget cuts can be challenging to work around. You may also be facing an increasing amount of pressure to reduce expenses, leaving IT departments to consider furloughs and layoffs, all while being asked to do more.  Here are some ways you can reduce expenses and maintain a quality network and retain quality IT employees:

Reduce your yearly maintenance and support costs

Consider working with a vendor who can provide product support with third party maintenance. These savings can be substantial and make a major difference during this time. For example, Network Craze’s third-party maintenance program, Procare, can save customers an average of 50% off manufacturer maintenance! Overall, third party maintenance helps IT departments free up badly needed budget dollars.

Reduce your equipment costs

Reassess your vendor relationships and consider using refurbished equipment to keep your network going. Using refurbished equipment allows you to reduce budget costs and still get your projects done. Also, working with a vendor who can provide continued product support and replacement parts for end of life hardware can help you get extra time out of your existing equipment and eliminates the need for unnecessary upgrades.

Trade in your existing equipment you are no longer using or want to upgrade

Trading in your old IT hardware can both put money back into your IT budget and help reduce the costs of additional equipment needed. We can help you stretch your IT budget by giving you cash or credit toward new or refurbished equipment. Trading in old equipment you’re not using helps both short and long term by reducing the total cost of ownership and getting the best life and value from your assets.

Across the country, people are having to make tough decisions regarding not only their safety, but their businesses, too. Network Craze can help take away the added stress that your IT budget may be causing you by reducing maintenance costs, using refurbished equipment and helping trade in old equipment. We assist and advise businesses of all sizes and specialties to identify what solution will satisfy their needs—and budget—best. Let us take a look at your current situation and we’ll come up with a plan to help navigate through these difficult times and stay on budget this year!

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