At Network Craze we understand the importance of keeping your network downtime to a minimum. Hardware maintenance is expensive but also something you can’t afford to go without.

ProCare is Network Craze’s maintenance program, developed with you in mind. ProCare cuts out the confusion of termination dates, year-long commitments and high costs…All this, without sacrificing the quality and reliability of your network. Let’s face it – manufacturer’s maintenance programs are very expensive insurance policies…but you have to have it; the time you decide to take your chances would be the time the sprinklers go off in the data center or the time your Admin decides it would be a good idea to drink his coffee over the switch he is configuring. Why does it have to be so costly?

ProCare is your proactive solution for your network outage concerns. It’s a cost-effective and customizable maintenance program that covers multi-vendor and mutli-generational technologies to help you safeguard your networks. ProCare provides flexible options and alternatives to standard OEM maintenance programs so that you’re able to choose the plan that works best for your network and business demands.


  • Savings – ProCare is 50+% LESS than OEM maintenance programs.
  • Flexibility – You get to decide the length of your contract (month-month, yearly, multiyear, co-terminated, etc) so you’re not locked into a one-size-fits-all contract term.
  • Tech support – Access to Certified Engineers to help you troubleshoot your problems 24/7
  • Quick turnaround – Guaranteed 2-Hour, 4-Hour and NBD Hardware replacement options
  • Manageability – We keep track of serial numbers and contract dates so you don’t have to
  • Multi-Vendor Support – Most customers support more than 1 manufacturer across their voice and data platforms and we can help support them all under one maintenance plan
  • Multi-Generational Support – Support for current technology, as well as, End Of Sale/support hardware, helping you to extend the life of your existing hardware.

Not every choice is a simple choice, especially when it comes to your network. We understand that ProCare may not be the best option for every device in your network. Many companies take a hybrid approach and use ProCare in addition to Manufacture OEM maintenance programs for optimum coverage.

Not sure if ProCare is right for you? Let us take a look at your current maintenance contracts and we’ll come up with a plan that works best for your business and network demands. We hope nothing ever happens to your network but let’s be realistic – things do happen. You wouldn’t pay more for lesser car insurance coverage just because you like the name of the company better – would you?

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