The Importance of Third-Party Maintenance

Network equipment maintenance programs go hand-in-hand with product purchases. Therefore, when it comes to buying equipment-whether new or refurbished-it’s imperative to find companies that offer robust maintenance programs. This ensures that technical support or replacement options are available when you need them most.

The following are some considerations companies should take into account when evaluating third-party maintenance programs:

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Businesses that invest in IT equipment need to be able to receive ongoing maintenance for their products, whether the product is brand new or has recently reached its end of life (EOL). Best-in-class network vendors, like Network Craze, offer maintenance programs that provide support not only for the equipment you purchase, but also the equipment you already have. This allows you to seamlessly integrate additional equipment into your network without disrupting your infrastructure. With this support, clients can enjoy years of performance and productivity with the network equipment of their choosing.

Is There Flexibility and Cost Savings?

Manufacturer maintenance policies usually demand that a buyer subscribe to a year-long contract with limited flexibility in terms of duration and payment options.  Third-party providers, however, often allow customers to tailor their maintenance programs to meet their needs. For example, if you only expect to use your equipment for six to nine months, your maintenance policy can be pro-rated, whereby you can pay on an ongoing monthly basis. This avoids being locked into a one-size-fits-all contract that may prove to be costly and unnecessary. Also, you can subscribe to a maintenance program that provides coverage for all of your products, from Cisco to Avaya, in order to streamline your maintenance and have your equipment supported by a single provider.

What Do Third-Party Maintenance Programs Offer?

The greatest differences between third party and manufacturer maintenance programs are EOL support and cost. Whereas most manufacturers are only interested in supporting those products they have in stock, Third-Party maintenance programs offer end of sale support, even for products whose life cycle has ended. Also, in terms of cost, third party vendors offer affordable maintenance programs. With Network Craze’s ProCare, the program comes at half the cost of Cisco’s SMARTnet service or other OEM programs, without sacrificing enhanced customer service and support.

For enterprises looking to wisely invest their IT budget, Third-Party providers not only provide cost savings in terms of equipment but also maintenance. With certified engineers on hand that can help you troubleshoot 24/7 and ensure that you are never left out to dry should something go wrong, you can enjoy first-rate equipment and support, while saving money that can be invested into more pressing IT needs like security, IoT, cloud computing or software.


For more information on the ProCare maintenance program, call Network Craze today for a free assessment.

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