Is Your IT Maintenance Budget Drowning Your Data Center?

A recent study shows that, on average, companies spend 70 percent of their IT budgets on maintaining their current networks. Does this describe your business? If so, it doesn’t leave you much wiggle room in a tight budget for scaling and expansion, improving security, or purchasing new technology.

There is a way to get those network maintenance costs under control and save more of your budget dollars for bigger-picture or higher priority projects. You can reduce your overall maintenance costs by getting your hardware through a third-party refurbished network solutions provider.

Obtaining refurbished replacement parts and even ongoing maintenance packages through a third-party provider, rather than dealing with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will cut down on network maintenance costs dramatically. It offers other advantages as well, like these:

  • The ability to replace parts and maintain your existing network structure and platform with refurbished hardware. Save yourself from spending a large chunk of your budget on upgrading to the newest technology or replacing large chunks of your network—which is often the plan suggested by an OEM. Instead, just replace what needs replacing.
  • Less money spent on ongoing maintenance. Refurbished hardware from a third-party network solutions provider often costs half as much as buying hardware that’s new to the market. Many vendors offer ongoing maintenance programs at much lower costs than OEMs and guarantee everything they sell.
  • A selection of spare parts. Maintaining network uptime will be easier, as well, when you can afford to provide some redundancy in the form of spare parts in the supply closets. When you aren’t paying top dollar just to maintain the network, you’ll spend less of your budget to keep the network in good working order.

If you’re spending too much of your budget on network maintenance, consider making your next hardware purchase through a third-party refurbished network solutions provider.

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