It Pays To Be Selective When Buying Network Equipment

When it’s time to purchase or upgrade equipment for the data center, it pays to be very selective. Investing in a router or switch, for instance, that doesn’t work with your existing hardware or that doesn’t perform to your expectations risks undermining the entire network operation you have worked so hard to maintain.

Follow these three tips when you buy network equipment to avoid running into trouble:

Only buy from reputable sources. It’s tempting to buy equipment from a source that advertises the lowest prices around, but you may end up dissatisfied. Consider more than price alone when making an important purchase. A reputable source will assist you in finding the exact products to meet your network’s needs and will support you throughout the entire process of purchasing and implementing it. Beware of buying products off of places like Craigslist, or industry forums.

Read the distributor—not the label. A product might say it’s from a leading manufacturer, but that doesn’t give you much information about how it will actually perform in your data center. Work with a distributor that can answer your questions and give you sound information about how different product choices will work with what you have.

Investigate the return policy. Don’t get locked into a product that you can’t return or exchange for another option if it doesn’t work for you. Your satisfaction as a customer should be your equipment seller’s first priority.

Network Craze, a trusted seller of new and refurbished IT solutions, can provide the products you need, coupled with guidance on choosing the right equipment for your data center. Network Craze’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee means you won’t get locked into a “final” sale, and that you’ll have a partner to work with as you select and purchase network equipment.

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