Are you being haunted by Cisco supply chain issues?

With Halloween fast approaching, here is some food for thought (and when I say ‘food’ I don’t mean mini sized Snickers from your kid’s Halloween bag). What if you could wake up on (or before) October 31st with solutions to Cisco hardware challenges? Cisco doesn’t have a great timeline for when supply chain issues will be resolved, having at least 200 day lead times!

Don’t be ghosted by Cisco hardware because of supply chain issues. Here are a few ways to deal with the supply chain issue:

Explore Refurbished Equipment 

High quality refurbished equipment could be one of your tools. You can find some highly experienced and reliable refurbishing vendors who can fully refurbish, recertify, and support the hardware. This is also a cost-saving and simplified buying process. Refurbished vendors don’t just care about bigger projects which allows organizations to extend their IT budget. Equipment in your hand is often worth more than equipment on backorder, regardless if new or pre-owned. 

Get More Life Out of What You’ve Got

Manufacturers are shortening the lifecycle of products and declaring the end of life on products to drive revenue. Most organizations refresh their hardware months or even years prior to the end of its useful life, so just because a switch is coming up on the end of its warranty period doesn’t mean you have to automatically retire it. Explore Third Party options like ProCare to extend the lifespan and usability of your equipment. This also gives you peace of mind that your network is supported.

Many companies are freeing themselves from expensive maintenance plans by self-maintaining their networks with onsite spares or exploring third-party maintenance options.

Plan Ahead

It might seem counterintuitive when a company is dealing with one unpredictable crisis after another, but long-term planning can actually help a company deal with emergencies. Companies should strengthen and lengthen their technology roadmaps. Planning pays off in the form of reduced risk of exposure and greater flexibility. 

How Network Craze can help:

Equipment shortages are one of the major concerns of organizations today. Network craze has in stock and available Cisco equipment. We provide reliable, 100% tested refurbished equipment with your IT budget in mind. Network Craze helps maintain the current technology infrastructure by utilizing hardware that manufacturers no longer support. It not only reduces the lead times but also helps unlock the true potential of the equipment at every stage of your technology investment. 

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