Our business was started out of the sheer frustration with bad service from other vendors. We were tired of waiting for weeks for a quote and even longer for delivery. We were outraged that our phone calls would not be returned and that we could not speak to a live person.

We started Network Craze to change how business is done. We understand that products are not just a part number with a price, they are a solution that solves real world problems. We believe in listening to our customers needs, not just selling to them.

We are truly unique because of our passionate people. We created a fun, high energy, team-oriented culture always putting our customers first.


Our team is dedicated to teaming up and helping our customer’s reach their long term goals. We don’t believe in un-returned phone calls, late deliveries, or slow turn around times. We do believe in quick response, quick quotes, and even quicker delivery. At network craze we believe the customer is number one, always! Call us crazy!!


We supply high quality network, cable, and voice components at affordable prices.

Give us a try!!! It’s no secret we’re crazy about our customers!!!!

Let us help you find what you’re looking for!! We will get you a quote fast!!

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